Leonard and his wife, Charlene, moved to Nevada in 1990 and started their family which has grown to five sons and five daughters.

Both have worked in the gaming industry and in 1999 they started their own water treatment business. Leonard knows first hand the challenges of being a Nevada business owner and will always work to reduce the regulations and taxation that is hindering Nevada’s growth. 

Leonard also believes that educating our children must be a top priority and supports the parents' right to choose the best option for their children. 

Leonard is a fiscal conservative and believes to create jobs, Nevada needs to reduce taxes and regulations that are preventing new business from starting and existing businesses from expanding. 

As a Navy veteran, Leonard fully supports the Nevada and United States Constitutions which he took an Oath to "support, protect and defend". He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and works to protect your Constitutional Rights.

Leonard with his wife Charlene 
and 9 of their 10 children.


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